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The Fangareggi Agricultural Company was founded in 2005 following the purchase of a vineyard in Canolo di Correggio (RE), but has been handed down since the 1800s when our great-grandparents started and cultivated the vineyards, and it is from their wise teachings that this ancient tradition .. Originally born as a passion and hobby, the cultivation of vineyards begins to take hold, growing and becoming a real activity. In the following years, vineyards were bought in Campagnola (RE), Rolo (RE), Fabbrico (RE), Correggio (RE) and Carpi (MO), allowing the company to significantly increase production and reach over 24 hectares of property, divided into 7 farms, cultivated entirely by us. With the passing of the years production and satisfaction increase, hence the idea of ​​creating an innovative project but strongly linked to the tradition in the cultivation of vineyards and production of wines, and VITIVINICOLA FANGAREGGI is born. The cultivation of the vineyards respects the hinges and criteria of the tradition, and together with the passion, the commitment and the following of the complete production cycle, from the cultivation of the grapes up to the bottling, allow us to obtain high quality genuine wines. We produce 6 types of high quality sparkling wines both red and white and we are specialized in the production of Lambrusco, in 4 variants. We respect the integrated control protocol that requires the minimum use of fertilizers, fungicides, disinfestants and various chemical products. Since 2016 we are recognized as a COMPANY OF ITALIAN EXCELLENCE by the certification body.




Società Agricola Vitivinicola Fangareggi Via della Costituzione, 25 42015 Correggio (RE) - Tel.+39 0522 1606532 - Fax.+39 0522 635914




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